Edward’s NCL Norwegian Getaway 15th-16th January

NCL Norwegian Getaway 15th-16th January



As part of Norwegian Cruise Lines' (NCL) Norwegian Getaway inaugural celebrations, I was fortunate enough to be invited to spend the evening onboard, as to experience the sights and sounds of the new ship.


At first I was struck by the enormity of the vessel, the poorly taken photo above doesn’t do the ship justice. Accommodating thousands of passengers, one may think that it would be overcrowded and uncomfortable. It was quite the opposite, supporting generous spacing and room for manoeuvring. In reality the designers of the Getaway have created a vibrant ship with many outlets for the foodies, drinkers, athletes and adventurers you’re likely to encounter on any given holiday. 

Given the size of the ship you won’t be surprised to read that I got lost on several occasions over the course of one night. Despite this never did I feel too isolated or entirely lost, as the opportunity to explore; in my view, adds to the crusing experience. It was by getting myself lost that I found the casino and one of the many bars! (Please note that everything on the Getaway is clearly signed, mapped and tours of the ship are available!)


The Getaway provides a number of dining and drinking outlets, breaking away previous forms of cruising experiences, NCL places a greater emphasis upon choice and venturing at your own pace which is a refreshing change to other cruises. Aside from boasting terrific dining options the Getaway offers various sporting and outdoor activities such as swimming, water slides, a running track, rock climbing, a basketball court and many more activities. Sadly the weather forbade us from trying out these facilities which was a shame but we were able to partake in the indoor facilities such as the shopping experiences, arcade, casino and enjoy a drink or two in the many bars and restaurants.



In case you were bombed out from all the action, your cabin provides a comfortable and relaxing space to hide away and rest with various room types. My room for the evening was accompanied by a balcony, coffee machine and television. Other room types offer more but I was not privy to these rooms. Frankly with so much going on your cabin is likely to be the last place you’ll want to stick around in for too long.

NCL offers a fantastic spin on the classic cruise holiday doing nothing by halves with fantastic services from all areas. In a slight critique or observation to make regarding the Getaway, their grand scale operation and the sheer number of people onboard may not suit everyone. But for sailors be they experienced or novices, NCL cruises is certainly worth trying out even for the once – as they do so many things right, a number of cruise companies will be doing the same sooner rather than later. 



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