Edward’s Slovenia Fam Trip with Classic Collection 19th May – Friday 23rd May

Slovenia Fam Trip with Classic Collection
Monday 19th May – Friday 23rd May

May 19th

In late May I was fortunate enough to be allowed onto a Fam Trip with Classic Collection to Slovenia. Our trip began early on Monday morning meeting Andrew from Classic at Stansted Airport. Promptly departing for Slovenia, the group used the short two hour flight as an opportunity to catch up with some much needed sleep. After touching down in Ljubljana we made our way to Bohinj as our first site inspection got under way at the Hotel Jezero. Located in beautiful natural surroundings; see the image below for proof, the Jezero is situated perfectly for adventurers and those looking for rest spite in a quiet location whilst operating on a modest budget.


Shortly after our tour of the Jezero we made our way to the picturesque town of Bled where we ceased travelling for the day by checking into the G H Toplice. Overlooking the lake; of the same name, we were treated to stunning views of the lake and its neighbouring mountains. The photo below was taken from my hotel room, which gives a clear indication why the Toplice is one of Classic Collection’s most popular hotels in the region.


Before we could rest and take in the stunning surroundings we were given a guided tour of the Hotel Lovec which was only a short walk up a modest incline from the Toplice.
Boasting comfortable and spacious rooms, the Lovec like most hotels around Bled are treated to stunning view of the lake and the mountainous terrain. For clients looking for a more relaxed atmosphere with accessibility to a grill restaurant and a traditional pub, should take a look at this hotel as an alternative to the Toplice. With the hotel visits finished for the day we retired to our rooms for a quiet afternoon and dinner in the Panorama restaurant.

20th May

Following our one night in the Toplice we were given a tour early the next day. The Toplice is decorated to a high standard both within the rooms and lounge areas; it boasts a high level of current and past cliental such as Paul McCartney and Ban Ki-moon, coupled with attentive staff you can quickly understand why the Toplice is in such high demand.
With the hotel inspection completed our group drove to Bled Castle, one of the main attractions to see in the area. Whilst the castle was a treat in itself, the view of the surrounding area was the main attraction as you can see in the below photo. Simply beautiful! 


Following a quick drink and ice-cream pit-stop we made our way to the capital city Ljubljana, checking into the Hotel Slon. Soon after arriving we dropped off our bags and strolled towards the GH Union Executive Hotel for a site inspection.
Located a brief walk away from the hub of the city, the Union uses its space wisely to provide spacious rooms with a tasteful decor. Whilst achieving this it still manages to remain true to the cities and hotels historic ancestry. On our tour we were proudly told that Queen Elizabeth the second herself stayed in the Union during her time in the city. The Union also has an adjoining business hotel which establishes both a contemporary and corporate space for those visiting the city on business rather than pleasure.

With site inspections finished for the day, we were taken on a tour of the city by our guide Aaron who showed us the real Ljubljana and its historical landmarks such as the various bridges which connect the city, such as the one below.


After a second busy day we had a delectable sea-food dinner in the Slon restaurant and retired to our rooms for the evening, not before sampling a few glasses of locally brewed Schnapps.

21st May

After a slower start to the day we met our guide who took us on a hotel inspection of the Slon. Supporting a contemporary feel situated in the centre of the capital. The Slon is in a prime location for exploring the city, for those on a range of varying budgets. A particular highlight for me staying the one night was the bed. I know that it’s an odd thing to point out but I had a fantastic nights sleep and I believe that is was the bed spread which helped me.     

With the tour completed, we left Ljubljana behind and made our way to Portoroz which is located on the slim coast of Slovenia neighboured by Croatia and Italy. Upon arrival we checked into the Hotel Kempinski and were immediately taken on a tour of the hotel.
Undoubtedly my preferred hotel of the whole tour, the Kempinski translates a regal style with a fresh and modern look. Rooms have both shower and bath facilities with accompanying balcony rooms. The food was of a high standard with friendly staff making the whole experience over the course of the two nights very enjoyable and relaxing, even though I was meant to be working I couldn’t help be sidetracked by the pool and bar! 


Following our extensive inspection we were granted some free time which was mainly spent by the pool unashamedly. Following our rest we dined at a local restaurant followed by a few drinks of the locally brewed beer and schnapps. (Responsibly consumed).

22nd May

On our last full day we undertook our last site inspection of the Grand Hotel Portoroz. The Grand hotel has been recently renovated and sports a clean and fresh look which combines well with the summer heat and coastal backdrop. Within the Grand there is an extensive Spa and treatment facility which takes pride of place among the other facilities. Within the booking package guests also have access to the Medusa beach, giving it an advantage over its neighbours.

With the last site inspection completed the group were given free reins to explore Portoroz at their own accord with some using the time to get re-acquainted with the pool and others taking a stroll around the local town. I elected to do both and found Portoroz to be a pleasant and charming place and somewhere to visit in the low and high seasons. Over the course of the last night, the Classic Collection group dined in the Kempinski which served a high quality meal leaving us all very satisfied and ready for the travelling which would see us head home the following day.

Flying back from Ljubljana airport the following day on the 23rd the group and I were taken back by the splendour of Slovenia. Before our time with Classic Collection, none of us had any real idea of what Slovenia would be like but after our short stay we returned home armed with the experience and knowledge to assist clients and colleagues in leaning more about the country. Andrew from Classic Collection was a delightful host, coupled with a lively group making the whole experience both informative and enjoyable. I would like to thank Classic Collection for letting me onto the trip as I learnt a lot and hope to recommend Slovenia where possible in the future.


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