Prestige Holidays Agents Trip

Canada View

I have just returned from a fantastic trip with Prestige to Newfoundland, which was hosted by Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism and Destination St. John’s and Legendary Coasts. It was a perfect opportunity to visit a part of Canada that I didn’t know existed… We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel which was in an excellent location. The area had the most beautiful coast line and with the weather being so good, everywhere looked so picturesque.

Apart from the historical sites we went on a Puffin and Whale tour but unfortunately we were just that little bit too late to see the whales but we did see the odd puffin or two.  One of the main highlights for me was the Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic. We had a 1km walk uphill to the lighthouse , the walk was worth the effort but once up there the scenery was wonderful. We sat on the cliff side for our picnic which was beautiful. This is the most easterly restaurant in all of North America.

Upon arrival we were escorted by McCarthy’s Party to many historical sites such as Signal Hill National Historic Site which was the reception point of the first transatlantic wireless signal by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901, as well as the site of harbour defences for St. John’s from the 18t century to the second world war. From there we visited Vidi Plantation which is a craft incubation facility for the growth of emerging artists and their businesses. We also visited the Quidi Vidi Brewery where we had the pleasure of tasting various strengths of beer and of course get the history of the brewery.

After much eating and drinking we went to Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site which is the oldest surviving lighthouse is served as the chief approach light for St. John’s harbour since 1836. On our final day, we visited a beautiful little harbour called “Petty Harbour” at Chafe’s Landing where we had lunch right by the waters edge.

I think this area of Canada would be a great place to visit if you were having a city trip to Toronto and then a 3 hour flight would bring you to St. John’s for a leisurely stay.