Wendy Wu tour to China In Pursuit of Pandas

I have just returned from a Wendy Wu tour to China – In Pursuit of Pandas Please telephone or call in and speak to me for further details, advice and top tips. My top sights to see are:-

In Beijing
Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Did you know that there are 9,999 rooms in the Forbidden City The Great Wall of China. Pack sturdy walking boots The Temple of Heaven This 3 storey building is made of wood and no nails were used.

In Xian
The Terracotta Warriors Each one has a different face

In Chengdu
The Giant Panda Breeding Centre
The Grand Buddha of Leshan This statue is carved into the rock and took 90 years to finish
Whilst in Beijing try a Peking Duck dinner. Or if you would like something more unusual try the food stalls at the night markets!!!

Some facts you may or may not know about China:
There are around 6 million cars in Beijing Xian was the ancient capital of China. You can hire bicyles and ride around the top of the old City walls.

Top Tips
Take toilet paper with you. Not every public toilet has any. Also not all of the toilets are western style.
The food is good overall. You will be offered meat & vegetable dishes. In Sichuan Province the food can be spicy. Western style breakfasts are offered at the hotels. T
he guides speak English well and can help you with the language barrier.
English is taught in schools but is not widely spoken. Most people in hotels and tourist shops will speak some English. Finally if you visit China be prepared to be photographed. It will give you an idea of what it is like to be famous